1. 7 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm And Your Heating Bill Low This Winter

    On these long cold days after the holidays, we tend to find ourselves less entranced by the snow and blustery weather here in Northern Colorado. Thankfully here, we can still count on many nice days, but the furnace running and our cold feet remind us that perhaps there is more we can do about the environment in our homes. That is why we have compiled a short list of 7 action items that we as hom…Read More

  2. Get To Know Fort Collins In 2017 – 4 Unforgettable Adventures

    We are gearing up for an unforgettable 2017 here in the front range, and want to share with you some favorite local ways to get to know Fort Collins in a whole new way in the coming year. Whether you’ve lived here your whole life, or are new to the Fort Collins area, here are four memorable ways to see Fort Collins this year! Take a Historic Tour Through Old Town—From Underground! Preserved b…Read More

  3. The Warranty To Look For When Having Your Roof Replaced

    Ideally, when it comes time to replace your roof, the process will be smooth, simple, and quick. However, on the rare occasion that something goes not as planned, you need to make sure that your roof is covered by a warranty both for the materials that were installed, as well as the installation itself. In our last post, we dove into the ins and outs of what you need to know about material warrant…Read More

  4. What To Know About Your Roof Warranty If You Own Or Are Buying A Home

    Here in Colorado, it’s not a matter of if hail hits, it’s a matter of when hail hits. And the chances are that during the 20-25 year lifetime of a roof, your home is likely to see more than only one damaging storm. However, besides the aftermath of storms, your roof may experience unwelcome and unforeseen damage. This is where a quality roof warranty comes into play. What many homeowners a…Read More

  5. Loveland & Fort Collins’ Favorite Cut-Your-Own Christmas Tree Farms!

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Christmas decorations are already lining the outskirts of markets, and setting all of our minds on the approaching holidays. When it comes to finding the perfect Christmas tree, many of us hold fond memories of tromping through piles of fluffy white snow until we find that pristine evergreen, and packing it onto the top of the car to tow home. Finding th…Read More

  6. Roof Waterproofing In Colorado – How To Protect Your Home From Leaks

    Your roof has a big job to do when it comes to protecting your home, family, and assets from the unpredictable weather of Colorado. This year we have seen several areas of Northern Colorado hit hard by hail, leaving many homes vulnerable to damage. Whether it be hail damage, wind damage, or wear and tear over time, a leaky roof presents a considerable threat to your house and budget. Small leaks …Read More

  7. 3 Favorite Kid-Friendly Trails Near Fort Collins

    With the sunflowers in full bloom, and the aspens beginning to light up the hills with their orange and yellow glow, right now is the perfect time to hit the trails! And why not make it a family adventure, pack a day bag, and make an afternoon of it? Here are a few of our favorite kid-friendly hiking trails around Fort Collins! Horsetooth Falls Anywhere you drive in Fort Collins, you can spot the …Read More

  8. Greeley Hail Damage Has Left Many Homes Vulnerable

    Greeley Colorado and the surrounding areas have been hit pretty hard again this year by hail and high winds, leaving many homes vulnerable to devastating and costly damage. Hail damage takes many forms, and most of us are acquainted with its evidence hanging around long after the piles of hail have melted. Greeley hail damage is a real concern for homeowners and property owners, and there are a…Read More

  9. Selling A House In Fort Collins? Keep These Things In Mind

    It is no secret that the housing market in Fort Collins and surrounding areas is booming. Real estate in the Front Range is selling at premium prices. If you own a home or property in Fort Collins, Loveland, or the surrounding communities, and you are looking to sell, you are in an opportune place. However, you still might have a bit of prep work in front of you. For instance, you might be wonde…Read More

  10. 3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Fort Collins Roofer

    Owning a home or property in Fort Collins or the surrounding Front Range comes with many benefits. Mountain views, stunning sunsets, and great surrounding cities and natural areas are just a few of the perks. However, owning a home in this area also comes with some extra concerns, such as hail and severe weather that can cause considerable damage to your roof. Whether a recent storm has left hail …Read More