1. How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

    Having a new roof installed on your home is not a small investment. However, it is one that will protect you, your home, and your family for years to come. A new roof is not something that you want to skimp on, but you also want to pay a fair price. While we can’t tell you exactly what a new roof for your particular home will cost right off the top of our heads, we can explain the factors that d…Read More

  2. The Benefits of Our Preventative Roof Maintenance Program

    If you own a home or a business, then you own a roof. That roof protects you, your home, your family, your business, your customers, your inventory, and so much more. Isn’t it worth investing in preventative maintenance for something that protects so many of the most important things in your life? At Denali Roofing in Fort Collins, we offer a preventative roof maintenance program so that you can…Read More

  3. How to Save on Energy Costs With a New Roof

    At Denali Roofing in Fort Collins, we understand that a new roof can be a big investment. But did you know that this one-time investment can help you save money on energy costs for years to come? When you choose the proper materials, the appropriate roof color, and ensure your ventilation is working properly, your roof will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which resul…Read More

  4. The Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks

    When it rains, do you notice water dripping or staining your ceiling and walls? Are you afraid that a roof leak may cause mold, mildew, and water damage to your home or business? A leaky roof can not only create these problems, but can also cause structural damage to your home and be a potential fire hazard if the water comes into contact with electrical wiring. If you notice a roof leak, it is no…Read More

  5. A Guide to Roof Hail Damage

    Northern Colorado is an area that is prone to heavy hail storms. When they occur, you can hear the ice pound on your windows and roof, and the wind whip around violently. Hail storms cause damage every year to cars, windows, siding, and roofs.  In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss roof hail damage, the factors that can contribute to that damage, and how to decide if any damage has occu…Read More

  6. The Most Common Roof Problems and How to Recognize Them

    As a homeowner, there are certain problems that you want to be able to recognize sooner than later. When it comes to your roof, the sooner that you pick up on a problem, the sooner you can get it taken care of. The team at Denali Roofing, the Top Rated Local® Roofers in Fort Collins, have worked on quite a few roofs over the years we’ve been in business. That is why, in today’s blog post, we …Read More

  7. What to Look for in a Commercial Roofing Contractor

    When managing a commercial building, you only want the very best to be working on the repairs and maintenance that the property needs. This is especially true for the roof of a commercial building. In today’s blog post, the team at Denali Roofing is going to cover a few of the things that you want to seek out in your commercial roofing contractor.  Licenses & Certificates Whenever you hire …Read More

  8. How to Choose a Shingle Color for Your Home’s Roof

    When it comes to installing a new roof on your home, there are so many different decisions that need to be made. From finding the right roofing company to get the job done to the types of materials that you’d like to be used, it can be a bit of an overwhelming process. One of the parts that most people love getting to do, however, is choosing the color of the shingles. There’s something exciti…Read More

  9. Common Roofing Scams You Want to Avoid

    An unexpected problem with your roof is never ideal. When that problem requires you to call a professional to come and inspect your roof and perform repairs, the last thing that many think about is whether or not the person they’re working with is genuine, or if they’re capable of scamming them.  Here in Colorado, there are countless hail storms that make their way through the Northeastern pa…Read More

  10. Residential Roofing Problems: DIY or Hire a Pro?

    As a homeowner, when you are able to tackle a project on your own, it’s a big win. Though tackling a project on your own does have some perks, like being able to save money and get the work done when you have free time, there are plenty of reasons that hiring a pro is often the wiser option.  In today’s blog, the team at Denali Roofing in Fort Collins is going to spend some time talking about…Read More